Learning the business of flipping houses can be time consuming and costly. Still, it can be more costly to go into it without the proper training and knowledge. Most people who buy and sell houses for a living are real estate professionals, many of whom possess real estate licenses. One of the inducements to making money flipping houses is that such training is not necessary.

Nevertheless, anyone wanting to buy a house and sell it quickly for a profit needs some knowledge of the real estate business. Short of becoming a real estate broker, they should at least invest in a book or two, if not a full-blown course.


Even in the age of the internet, for many people wanting to learn a new skill, the first place they will look is the library. If they want to combine the library and the internet, they go to an online book seller such as If they want to learn how to flip houses, Amazon might be the better choice. There are several books on the subject to be had, ranging from general overviews of the business to those specifically aimed at renovating and flipping houses.

One volume that is mentioned as a good resource by many is a book called "Fix It and Flip It." For less than $20, it is a guide that covers the basics of how to buy a house and put it into good condition for flipping. Several others that can be had cover the basics of the business and concentrate on the buying and selling aspects of the real estate business.

Internet Offers

Thankfully, many of the late-night "infomercials" promising riches in buying and selling real estate have faded into the past, but they still exist on the internet. While the cassette tapes offered on television during the heyday of the "get rich quick" schemes during the 1980s have been replaced by compact discs (CDs), they are not in short supply. Prospective house flippers can expect to pay between $100 and $300 for these courses.

There are more resources than just the packaged house flipping courses to be found on the internet. There also is real estate software. One such package offers much the same benefits of a money management program, including specialized calculators to help gauge the profitability of a proposed purchase. The software also promises to track costs and help the flipper analyze what needs to be done to get a property ready for resale.